Strehler can be used for projects of many scales.

This doesn't mean that Strehler is completed, a lot of work is still to do and i'm writing this page also to see if someone wants to help.


Strehler backend is horrible to see. Twitter Bootstrap helped my poor webdesign abilities, but it's still an ugly interface. I really need someone to take its css/html and write it in a better shape.

HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC... or not?

At this time, adding a new entity means writing by hand the form that will manage it. A smarter approach is needed. HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC could help but i'm not sure. Creating forms starting from DBIC models could be useful, but Strehler has also its own logic (as for categories) so it's probably cleaner write the introspection of the model from scratch and add what we need.


Strehler has a search box in the admin interface, it's just a SQL-like on some fields. Should I implement something smarter? The like for the backend should be enough, but something optimized for the frontend could help.

Cleaner helpers

I tried to implement few sites using Strehler and I still think that writing code using Strehler API is still a bit messed up. I'd like to have cleaner helpers so that custom code can be written in an elegant way.

This point is quite solved by EX plugin...

Complete CMS

We have now many tools that can be used to create a complete CMS.

Routes defined by EX plugin and relative boxes in Dashboard (that will be available with 1.5.0) should be controlled by a web interface. This way an admin user could create his site without opening the code.

A preview for not yet published content should be provided, too.

A theme system should be designed.

Obviouvsly all this development should be done on top of present structure, leaving Strehler core as-is, letting it follow the original philosophy of the project.


Now that Strehler structure is consolidated, it's time to ask how are its performance and what's the most suitable server configuration for it. There're bottlenecks? There's the possibility to add some cache?

Strehler structure is very simple, but there's always a way to do things better. Categories could become a problem, i intend to allow more levels and that could become a huge pain, with complex tree structures.


User roles are just a toy, for now. Differences between admin and editor are few and considered at entity level.

I'd like to define four roles. The admin will remain the superuser that can do all, then we'll have three levels for editors:

I don't need to decide who-can-do-what. I will just leave to Strehler admin the possibility to control the access of any role, at entity level and at category level, considering the three main available actions: adding, editing and listing.

Export login

Strehler login is good.

I'd love to use it also on the frontend site for external users (excluding them from Admin, obviously) to avoid to rewrite it.