- 04 -

Tutorial about development

If you like to give an hand developing Strehler and you need somewhere to start from, here is a little tutorial about how to setup an environment to work with the repository.

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- 26 -


After a lot of work, I can now announce on the site Strehler::RSS, a new add-on that you can retrieve from CPAN and than use on your Strehler sites.

RSS could be seen just as a different representation of Strehler content, but it's not! There're many choices that an admin can do about feeds and I tried to give this freedom through Strehler admin interface.

Strehler::RSS is now available for everyone. As you can see it's already arrived to 1.1.1 version, but I consider this stable and without errors.

RSS are obviously now used also on this site and you can subscribe them to be always updated about the project.

Here is the one for the news.

Here the one about releases.

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- 15 -

Fresh new modules waiting for something more

Today Strehler main module was updated from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3 and Strehler::Extra received is first update from the canonical 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. It' all about minor changes and bugfix but it's all work that will be used by a new module I'm working on, something we'll talk about soon. As always, working on new features bring to the light many bug and "wrong" code that I wrote better.

A special thanks to Vadim Pushtaev that chose Strehler for the Pull Request Challenge and give us Perl::Critic implementation. It also called Strehler a "pretty big project" that is more than I deserve and the thing that make me happy more :-)

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- 06 -

New tutorial! The tech one!

Tech manual is no more an under construction page. A tutorial to create a complete site using Strehler and the EX Plugin was published.

Site used as example is... this one!

I hope that this new page will help you to understand how easy is working with Strehler, so that you can give it a try!

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RSS Feed for news

30-01-2016 - 1.6.8

Workaround implemented in the 1.6.7 version is not necessary using Dancer2 0.1660001 so I reverted it, asking for the latest Dancer2 version in the requirements.

16-01-2016 - 1.6.7

Dancer2 release 0.165000 broke some test.

Now all should be fine.

04-11-2015 - 1.6.6

Minor bugfix about subcategories

29-06-2015 - 1.6.5

Something about high versions of perl (hash randomization) made one of the most recent test fail. This version fix that.

An all-green on cpantesters is always a priority!

22-06-2015 - 1.6.4

Yet another minor release to fix a vicious bug.

15-06-2015 - 1.6.3

Welcome to Perl::Critic for better coding!

In addition to this little more toys for forms and API and some useful bugfix!