Strehler CMS

A light-weight, nerdy, smart CMS in perl based on Perl Dancer2 framework.

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The power of Strehler

Easy to install

Strehler can be easly fetched from CPAN. After package installation, you'll be able to use strehler script to make your Dancer2 project a Strehler project. Strehler script will create needed database tables and will inject static resources where your webserver will search them.

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Easy to configure

You can change many parameters of your Strehler installation just manipulating the config file of your Dancer2 project. When starting, Strehler read a lot of information from it to behave as you need.

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Easy to use

Strehler will provide your users with a minimal, user-friendly interface to write and manage contents.

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Easy to extend

The "Entity System" gives you tools to create your own objects and to shape the information as you like. Strehler will generate in a near-automatic way all you need to manage them!

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Tutorial about development

If you like to give an hand developing Strehler and you need somewhere to start from, here is a little tutorial about how to setup an environment to work with the repository.

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30-01-2016 - 1.6.8

Workaround implemented in the 1.6.7 version is not necessary using Dancer2 0.1660001 so I reverted it, asking for the latest Dancer2 version in the requirements.

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